Ludo For Real Money

From a traditional board game to the internet’s biggest sensation. Ludo has certainly come a long way and people are actively taking part in the kind of excitement that it brings forward. The game comes equipped with a simple set of rules and regulations that make the gameplay all the more spectacular. Exploring how it went on to become a viral sensation is bound to bring you joy and the option to play with real money adds more fun to the mix. So go ahead and learn more about the game, as we help you move across a detailed guide.

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Introduction: Ludo The Game

While the exact origin of ludo is still unclear, many believe that it is an Indian creation. The historic Ellora Caves in Maharashtra stands as a prime example of the same, wherein the board game was depicted in the form of illustrations on the wall. Thanks to that, ludo is believed to be an Indian creation and the many versions of the game came through time. From being played on cloth to the internet, ludo has gone through changes like no other. It slowly adapted to be a game of the modern era and a number of developers deserve credit for the same.

Apart from being a considerable part of the gaming experience, ludo has also gone a step further to include real money. Players can now choose the best ludo games and opt to play with real money and look towards building their skills that, in turn, leaves you with some good income.

But how did a board game evolve and become a viral trend? Well, let’s go ahead and find out.

The History of Ludo

The name ‘Ludo’ was not always used to describe this sensational game. Indian history states that it was earlier known as ‘Chopad’, Chausar’ and so on. The different versions of the game caught on and eventually the world came to recognise the same. As a result, a Chinese version named ‘Chatush pada’ and a Spanish version called ‘Parcheesi’ came into the picture. However, these names did not stand the test of time and eventually faded out, thanks to a Britisher named Alfred Collier.

Collier modified the game with the addition of a dice cup and registered the same for a patent in the UK. Upon doing so, he named it ‘The Royal Ludo’ and thus, the name caught on. People began calling it ludo and other versions of the same also began to depart. Thanks to all that, ludo caught on and entered a whole different meaning of evolution. The board game went on to become an instant hit that people would play from time to time. However, it only managed to create a storm in recent times.

Yes, you heard that right. Ludo is no longer the same board game because it is a viral internet sensation. Bugged by the lockdown and other related aspects, people looked towards the internet to find a new hobby to kill time. And as a result, they found an online version of ludo. The new features that came with the game and the fact that you could play with anyone around the world made matters all the more exciting. Thanks to that, people began sharing the game, downloading the app and went on by playing ludo.

Since it is a simple game, everyone got involved and started clicking on their screens to make the most of the ludo experience. From kids to adults, everyone wanted to get their hands on ludo and by doing so, they found a way to kill time. Hence, it caught on and thus became a viral sensation for the ages.

Classic Ludo vs Online Ludo

A modified version of any game is bound to go through the same old debate about old vs new. People who consider the classic to be the best would never appreciate when there is another version in town. As a result, the same debate began doing the rounds with ludo and everyone came in to share their thoughts. However, that did not slow down the trend or even remotely affect the attention that ludo was receiving. People went on downloading the game and playing the same to the fullest.

Thus, it makes you wonder. Is online ludo way better than classic ludo? The answer to that needs to come from people who have experienced both. And they will, by all means, tell you how different both these versions are. Classic ludo was an exciting game that brought all your friends and family together. The board game was a hit and there is no doubt about the same. However, you cannot always rely on the same when socially distancing ourselves from others is in practice.

The Covid-19 pandemic that we first witnessed in 2020 made us stay away from each other and look towards other means of bonding. If online ludo brought about that connection, then it's better to appreciate the same, rather than to compare it with an old version of the same game. If you prefer to play classic ludo, you can very well go ahead and have a great time. But if you do not have enough players for the same, you can choose to play online ludo.

Free Ludo vs Ludo for Cash

Apart from old vs new, ludo went through another debate and it was mainly about free ludo vs ludo for cash. Yes, that’s right. You can either choose to play ludo for free or for cash, depending upon what you are comfortable with. But we cannot directly choose one without considering the other. The rules for both these versions are simple and it is quite exciting to explore what it has to offer. But if you have the right kind of skills, you can also look towards making some money out of it.

A number of developers have opened the door towards ludo for cash and have placed the same close to gambling. You can choose a good online gaming platform and move ahead to make it all count. The instant withdrawal options and other related features come along the way to help you explore the activity with ease. Thanks to that, ludo for cash is equally exciting, provided you are willing to take the risk. A certain amount of financial risk comes with the game and you need to know about it before playing the game.

How to Play Ludo

Playing ludo is fun and learning more about it is more or less a cakewalk. The ludo board, as we know, is divided into three adjacent columns of eight squares. The middle squares are known as the home column, which is divided into 4 home triangles. As a player, you will have to choose a specific colour and play accordingly in a clockwise order. By rolling the dice, you will be left with a number and that will decide how each piece moves on the board. A throw of 6 gives you another turn and it is commonly known to be a lucky one.

With each passing turn, you need to take your pieces and ensure that they have circumnavigated the board in the end. Upon doing so, the piece proceeds to the home column and the mission is to take all your pieces in the same direction. However, a piece can only be moved into the home triangle with an exact throw. For example, if your piece requires an eight to reach the home triangle, you will have to keep trying until you get an eight with the dice. The first player to take all pieces to the home triangle wins the game.

As you keep playing, you are bound to get a better idea of the game and will eventually get the hang of it. So go ahead and take part in a few trial rounds until you get the complete picture.

The Best Ludo Games to Play for Free: Our Picks

Now that you know how to play ludo, the next step is to choose the perfect game to carry forward the activity. For that purpose, we have rounded up some of the best games on this front. So go ahead and check them out.

Ludo King

Ludo King is, by far, the most famous ludo game of all time. It is an online version of the classic board game that is available for both IOS and Android users. By bringing the board to your smartphone, the app looks to complete the process and you will be glad about the experience it offers. Thanks to its multiplayer feature, you can choose to play with anyone from around the world or even play with your friends. The decision is yours to make and the gaming experience will depend on the same.

Moreover, since the dice works on a random algorithm, you might know the next move or how it is going to affect you.

Ludo Championship

The Ludo Championship comes with three different kinds of boards and you can go about choosing from the same. It can be played on different devices and also does not require an active internet connection. To make matters all the more exciting, the game has a battle mode that helps you earn gold coins and other related rewards. By exploring further, you can certainly get a hang of the game and move ahead to make the most of it.

Ludo Classic

Ludo Classic is another gaming app that has now been launched for both Android and IOS. The game comes loaded with a powerful AI backend that will ensure only random and unpredictable numbers tend to be shown on the dice. Like other gaming apps, it supports both online and offline gaming. If you wish to play by inviting friends, you can do so with the online method and if your friends are together, you can play in the offline method.

Ludo All Star

Ludo All Star is an online multiplayer game which allows you to play with two to four players. The game, like the rest, also comes with the option for playing online and offline. With each win, the game awards you with coins and that can further be used to take things forward. By exploring the same, you will get an idea of how it plays out and the different ingredients that will reach the final.

The Best Ludo Games to Play with Real Money: Our Picks

Like we mentioned earlier, ludo can also be played for real money. It adds to the charm of the game and helps you discover a unique experience. So move forward to view some of the best ludo games that can be played with real money.


Ludo Fantasy

Ludo Fantasy is one of the best ludo games that can be played with real money. The game comes with a good interface that helps you navigate across features and also helps you choose the options you need. It also provides you with the option to invite friends and win more money that can be doubled by playing ludo. Thanks to that, Ludo Fantasy is a top game that you need to explore.


Ludo Empire

Sign-up bonuses, instant withdrawals and comfortable payment options, including PayTM, are all a part of the gaming process when you begin to play Ludo Empire. As you develop your skills, you will be exposed to better challenges and winning the same means more money. As a result, Ludo Empire is another top game that can be played and enjoyed to the fullest.


Ludo Sikandar

Ludo Sikandar is another top ludo game that comes together with a bunch of features. It has fast payouts, a good refer and earn policy, fair play and also a 24/7 chat support. With all these features, it helps you play the classic game of ludo in a proper manner and also provides you with ample opportunities to earn money.

The Best Apps to Play Ludo with Real Money: Our Picks

The journey of ludo does not end with online games. Top apps have also entered the mix and you can now play these games with real money. As these gaming apps come with advanced features, you can expect the experience to be better and certainly, rewarding.


Paytm First Games

Paytm has stormed into the scene with the Ludo Lakhpati tournament. The gaming event promises to be a fun experience with a prize pool of ₹. 10 lakh Paytm Cash. Yes, that’s right. You can play the classic game of ludo and earn a handsome reward, if you are able to make it count and topple your opponents with a set of good skills.



Mobile Premier League or MPL is another online gaming website/app that has come forward to offer ludo. With simple withdrawal options, quick payouts and a good user interface, MPL leaves no stone unturned in helping you get what you want. They provide the complete gaming experience and with lduo, things are bound to get wild.



Ludo on Winzo is another major hit that has a lot to offer. It comes equipped with exciting features and options that can be explored to gain rewards and other prizes. With ludo being a popular game, everyone chooses the same and moves ahead to understand the different ways with which they can make money out of it.

Tips to Choose the Best Ludo Game

A list of the best ludo games is bound to hit you with options. While having more than a single option is exciting, it might also be confusing to a certain extent. You might not know the best game from the lot and might even end up choosing the wrong. So how do you go about choosing the best ludo game? Well, go ahead and find out.

1 User Reviews - customer reviews or user reviews help you get a complete idea of the game and how it goes ahead to make sense. Exploring these reviews might also help you understand a few problems that come with the game. Due to that, before choosing a game, it is important to go through reviews and ensure that you are making the right decision.

2 Brand Reputation - not all game developers have what it makes to come up with a good game. Some might promise you with good features but will eventually fade out due to a number of problems. As a result, examining the developer and performing a background check will help you choose a good game.

3 Rewards and Bonuses - specific games award you with rewards and bonuses based on how you play and how you get things going. Opting to play these games will always be of great value and you can get what you need from the same. So go ahead and look into ludo games with rewards and then make the right decision.

4 Top Features - ludo games tend to come with different features and options. Offline and online methods, multiplayer features, bonuses and other related aspects are some of the most common features. However, not all ludo games will be able to provide the same. Hence, you need to choose the one that provides these features.

Tips to Excel at Ludo

While a majority of the game depends on luck, there are ways to come out as the winner and we are here with a few tips on the same.

Opening All Pieces

Opening all pieces as soon as possible is one of the most successful things to do on the gaming board. It not only develops your chance but will also fare well against opponents who come closer to your pieces.

Killing Opponent Pieces

Getting rid of opponent pieces is another move that goes ahead to make sense. Since they might cause problems in the future, it is important to keep the road clear and reach home as soon as possible.

Running All Pieces

When you keep moving all your pieces, you will be increasing your chances of making it big. But that also comes at a cost because opponents will be viewing your actions. So it is important to move them accordingly and place them at safe locations.

A Proper Gameplay

When it comes to ludo, people are always confused about choosing proper gameplay. As the game comes together, you will be struck with different outcomes and conclusions. And you might even be left to decide whether to take your piece home or to kill an opponent. As a result, it is important to think about proper gameplay and then move ahead to play ludo.

Mistakes to Avoid While Playing Ludo

A number of mistakes arise while playing ludo and only time will help you understand the same. But if you are aware of it right away, you can go ahead to play the game in the right manner and look towards enjoying it to the fullest.

1. Not Using The 6

Rolling a six in ludo is known to be a lucky affair and not using the same properly is known to be a mistake. So keep an eye on all your pieces and analyse moves that would benefit you by using the 6. In this manner, you will be well on schedule to make it home.

2. Showing Mercy

You might be playing ludo with your friends and family. But that should not prevent you from killing your opponent’s pieces. Showing mercy in ludo will not help you seal the deal and the process will only fade out. So take as many pieces as you can and continue moving forward to reach the end.

3. Forgetting About A Strategy

A well-made strategy will always come in handy and help you get what you need. It keeps things protected and moves according to the situation in hand. Due to that, you should always move forward with a strategy and look to complete things in style. But your strategy needs to be a flexible one and it should work for the better.

4. Being Overconfident

It's one thing to be confident and another to be overconfident. The latter will only come with bad results as it keeps going on the belief that you have got it covered. Due to that, you might forget about a few mistakes and continue playing like it does not matter. So be confident but not overconfident.

Ludo Game Providers in India

Artoon Solutions

Artoon comes equipped with different modes of ludo and is certainly something that you need to explore. From a simple computer mode to multiplayer private mode, there is a lot for you to choose from.

Mplay Games

Mplay is one of the best that you will find on this front. Through the addition of ludo, the developer has gone a step further to raise the gaming experience in the country. Their version of ludo comes with bonus options, attractive deals.


By getting to know all about ludo, you can move ahead and play this exciting game. So what are you waiting for? Go and invite your friends and family to a game of ludo.

FAQs About Ludo

With all that the game has achieved, it is no surprise that we have a few questions about it. As people begin to explore the same, they are bound to come across doubts and will be left to figure things out. So to get everything cleared, here are some common faqs about ludo.

Yes, the dice roll is random and thus, cannot be manipulated. As we mentioned before, the dice roll works on a random algorithm which makes the results variable. Due to that, nobody will be able to interfere and change the outcome.
The color of the token has nothing to do with the outcome. You can go about choosing any color you want and the result will continue to be generated randomly. As a result of that, choosing a particular color over another is not going to help you.
Yes, we can include strategies and look towards making it count. While ludo remains as a game of luck, it provides space for a few strategies and implementing the same will surely take you forward. However, your strategies need to be aligned with the game and it should always help you achieve the best.
The huge popularity of ludo has helped developers gain income through ads and you will see a lot of them as you play. But if you prefer not to view these ads, you can do so with no ads option that is available with app purchase. In this manner, you can look towards a comfortable gaming experience that is ad-free.